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The London Eye is one of the most striking additions to the London skyline. This article takes a look at this fascinating new addition to the classic city of London.

Many first time visitors to London are struck by what may seem to be an anomaly in the stunning and classic London skyline. Rising along the banks of the Thames is what appears to be a gigantic Ferris wheel, giving this storied area a strangely carnival-like atmosphere. Despite its odd appearance, however, the attraction known to locals and visitors alike as the London Eye is well worth a visit. The spectacular views that it affords are well worth the price of admission, and even many how are fearful of heights find the uniquely designed glass cocoons of the London Eye reassuring.

The London Eye is sometimes also called the Millennium Wheel, a reference to the celebrations in London at the dawning of the new century. Since its opening the London Eye has become the most popular attraction in the UK, registering over 3.5 million paid visitors in a single year.

Part of the attraction is no doubt its sheer size, and the London Eye stands some 135 meters high. From this vantage point visitors can enjoy truly spectacular views of not only the Thames river but also nearby attractions like Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

One of the features that sets the London Eye apart from typical Ferris wheels is the unique design of the viewing capsules. This uniquely designed attraction features a series of glass enclosed pods, complete with plenty of seating for those aboard. The unique design and ample class provides plenty of great viewing opportunities and helps to ensure that everyone on board gets a full bird’s eye view of the spectacular London skyline. Sunset is a particularly wonderful time to ride the London Eye, but the views are spectacular no matter what the time of day.

In fact this unique attraction has become so popular with locals as well as tourists that many people will buy out an entire pod for a unique birthday celebration or other special occasion. From weddings to champagne “flights”, the wealthy and would-be wealthy have enjoyed their own special cruising time above the beautiful city of London.

Many visitors who come simply to ride the London Eye find themselves enthralled by the sights and sounds along the Thames, and indeed this part of London is a pedestrian paradise. Tourists and locals alike love to stroll the beautiful walkways along the Thames River, and this area is a haven for people watching as well. From school students on holiday to older couples walking hand in hand, there is plenty to see, and plenty to contemplate. The Thames river has long been a gathering place for Londoners, and the London Eye provides a fitting focal point for this modem and vibrant city.

Those looking for a good night’s sleep after a busy day of sightseeing and people watching will find plenty of attractively priced accommodations in this part of London. Even though London has a reputation for being a very expensive city, in fact there are many excellent choices for budget conscious travelers. From the ultra low budget youth hostels to family run guest houses to the best known hotel chains, there are plenty of places that will help you soothe your aching feet and your wallet.

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